I will be starting Monday and will update depending on how much interest this gets. I will put my planned cycle and stats below!

Diet - Will be eating 300-500 Calories above maintenance.

Goals - To gain 9-14 lbs of LBM and lower BF%

WK 1-8 Test Prop 100mg EOD ( May do 150mg EOD )
WK 1-6 Tbol 40mg ED ( 20mg in the am/ 20mg in the evening )
Wk 1- 8 Stane 12.5 EOD


Nolva 40/20/20/20
Tore 120/60/60/60

Stats -
Age - 28
Height - 6 "
Weight - 205
Bf - around 12%
Cycle exp - None
Lifting exp - 9 years

Workout Routine -

Day 1 chest/calves
Flat bench 5x5
incline dumbell press 2x8-10
incline flyes 2x8-10
standing calve raises 5x15

Day 2 Back/Shoulders
military press 5x5
side laterals 3-5x8-10
deads 5x5
chins 2x8-10
shrugs 2x8-10
rows 2x8-10
bent over laterals 2x8-10

Day 3 rest

Day 4 Rest if need if not day 4 would be day 5

Day 5 Bis/Tris
close grip bench 5x5
standing barbell curls 5x5
weighted dips 2x8-10
incline dumbell curls 2x8-10
skull crushers 2x8-10
preacher curls 2x8-10

Day 6 Legs
squats 5x5
leg press or hacks 2x8-10
stiff legged deads 2x8-10
leg curls 2x8-10
seated calve raises 5x15
abs - weighted static holds

Day 7 rest

Day 8 repeat...

I will be doing light cardio 3 times a week for 25 minutes.