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Thread: Sustanon issue

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    Sustanon issue

    I took injections of sus for a few weeks. Every other day. Every night in the middle of the night, the pain would hit me. Tossing and turning, messing up my sleep. Then for About a week or two I'd be so stiff and sore. Depending on where I injected leg or glute or shoulder. I could barely move. Eventually I decided stop. Thinking there must be something I'm allergic to or something. I'm just waiting now to finish my school and from what I gather from the guys on site. I think need To pick up some better material and just start up on straight test for the first go, when I get back on the horse. I'm 29 and 162lbs. My goal is 180 by July 2013. Any ideas or opinions on how I can go about that

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    sounds like your injecting it to fast

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    18lbs in nine months. eat like a pig and lift heavy shouldnt b a prob

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    sounds like typical virgin muscle pain to me. also, sust has prop in it which usually can be "felt" a bit more than the rest. OR the quality of your sust is suspect. but im inclined to think it was simply virgin muscle coupled with inexperience. was there any redness around injection area?

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