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    First real cutting cycle ,any help would be great

    I am doing my real first cutting cycle and wouldnt mind some feedback..I will give some of my stats ..I am a 47 yr old male im 6ft 1 250 is 14 currently..

    Here is the cycle I am currently taking [I have been lifting for over 25 yrs now but never did gear until 2 yrs ago when I found out I had low test levels]

    wk 1-12 mastron enanthate 2oo mg eod
    wk 1-12 primobolin enanthate 200 mg eod
    wk 6-12 anavar 60mgs ed
    8-12 nolvadex 40/40/20
    clomid 100 last 6 weeks..

    diet 730 am 6 egg whites 2 eggs 1/4 cup oatmeal

    10.00 am 8 oz chicken breasts 4oz of sweet potatoes 1/4 walnuts
    pretty much the same eating all day every 2 1/2 hrs apart may switch to just fish the last four weeks of cycle...I know I am doing things wrong and also know my b/f should be under 12% when on mastro and primo but is there anything else that may help...thxs guys ..I will post a back shot taken yesterday will keep updated First real cutting cycle ,any help would be great-229385_1040074488739_1431845111_30077635_436985_n.jpg

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    You're looking solid bro.

    I would run your PCT a bit different. I would definitely not use that much clomid.

    clomid 75/50/50/50
    nolva 40/40/20/20

    Post your diet up in the Nutrition Section and tweak it there. You'll have to first include your macros though.

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