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    Well what do you think about this cycle

    SID here and I'm pretty excited about doing my 1st cycle and here's what I'm thinking:
    1-10 Test En 400mg
    1-10 Deca 300mg
    10-14 Winny
    11-14 T3 & ECA
    Curious when I should go with the Clomid.
    Plan on having Nova on had about 50 tabs and running liquidex .5 eod
    I'm 33, 5-10 180 looking to be 6-3 240 by the end of the cycle.
    I'm pretty sure about the test/deca/winny but there's a chance the t3 could change. Any and all advice is welcome.

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    1. Up the test to 500 and extend it 1wk past the deca to match up half-life
    2. put your winny at wks8-13
    3. Start clomid 2 days after last winny dose.

    I'd skip the T3 but if you run it run earlier in the cycle so that your metabolism has time to kick back up before the juice is out of your system. Otherwise, you'll probably loose a lot of gains.

    It would be better to run Clen and ECA post cycle to help in preventing catabolism.

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