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    Question hey about to start deca and sus250

    hey about to start deca and sus250.i am 190pond's i bence 230 ,how can i tell when it kick's in,how long will it tack to kick in ?shood i tack winny with it ? thank's

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    You should not take anything.

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    Originally posted by Pheedno
    You should not take anything.
    agree..and quite stongly...calm down kid...take everyone's advice!

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    I am so glad Pheedo/halifaxsteve you did not give this kid advice on juicing up and gave him the right advice. I have replied to his threads already before, along with other members and this kid will not give up on the idea of AS. He is just to immature for this and he fails to take advice from well educated people. He had a post the other day on working out and now he wants to jump into a stack. Give me a break M. Carry you cant even hold on to one idea for a mear minute. I really wish you would just sit back and relax not worry about doing As because all you football buddies are doing it or you want to excel in football and make it to the NFL some day. All your goals are sooooo attainable my friend!! hard work and proper diet and training will get you there!! just listen to these guys for once or should I say listen again to what they are saying to you.
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