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    1st cycle Dbol/Deca/Sustanton?

    Dbol 25mg e/d Weeks 1-4
    Deca 200mg/w weeks 1-4 300mg/w 5-8
    Sustanton 250mg/w weeks 1-10
    Starting three weeks after last injectiong 1*300mg clomid 10*100 and 10*50
    How much Nolvadex and/or proviron should I have on hand?
    This is my first cycle. Im 510 208 and 21 years old.
    Do I really need to double the test dosage? Would test E be better than sustanton? Thanks in advance.

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    Try posting in the Questions Thread next time.

    Dbol looks fine (however not needed for your first cycle). Up the Deca to 400mg EW for 10 need at least 2mg per pound. I would kick the S250 up to 500mg EW for 10 weeks too. Proviron at 50mg ED (should be plenty) until start of Clomid. Then Clomid 300/100/ can also use 10-20mg of Nolavdex ED while on Clomid.

    Some people prefer single ester test to the 4 esters of S250...all personal opinion. I can get S250 for less than test and I know it's real not some underground lab I prefer S250.

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