Greetings folks:

I posted a while back asking for cycle advice:


got some great replies, thank you, all advice taken to heart. I have visited many forums and I can say this is the most professional, consistent, and well run forum of the bunch, which is why I registered.

quick stats, 45 year old male, 5'7", 170lbs, 30 years lifting experience

BW 5/21/2013
Test, serum = 518 ng/dL
Free Test = 16.9 pg/mL
Estradiol = 89.8 pg/mL

Est is high. From reading on this site, my test stats are on the low end of normal. Since my est was high I went straight to 0.5mg Adex EOD once I started my cycle, not going to mess around.

Began cycle on 5/31, into my second week

Week 1: 600 mg Test E (250 mg/ml) front load, one shot
2-12: 200 mg x2/week (every 3.5 days)
2-12: 250 iu HCG x 2/week (every 3.5 days, offset from Test E)
1-12: 0.5 Adex EOD

Letro on hand, Nolva/Clomid for PCT. I have everything I need, nothing left to order.

Test is Endurexx brand.

I will try to update this thread every week or two.

First update: I am injecting into my thigh. First shot went just fine but about 36 hours later I had a very sore quad. Lower quad was swolen and red and hard. I have read up on it and I suspect crystalization coupled with virgin muscle, and I may have injected to fast. Pain lasted a solid week, but I am back to squatting and running. I have injected twice since, 200 mg each time, in the other thigh, taken a good 15 sec per 25mg and I let it settle for 30 sec when done. No pain at all so good to go. I begin HCG this week.Moparspanky's First Cycle-0705092146a.jpg This picture is my current size, pre cycle.