OK guys so this is where I am at..
37years old
210 pounds
15% to 20%BF (short time goal)

I'm been doing the keto diet for about a month now and have not carb loaded yet. 2000cals a day. Starting my DNP cycle today.

Day1 Wednesday.. 200mg at 12:00pm. didnt feel no different.

Day2 Thursday.. 200mg 7:00am. Workout left the same as usual. 60min Cardio was Little more hot and sweating a more and faster than usual.

Day3 Friday.. Last night woke up 3 ou 4 time to use the bathroom like usual but felt more hot and very little sweating and that is with NO cover and just in underwear. Checked my weight and still no weight loss. 200mg 7:00am. Workout started feeling a little weaker. Hope its not a mental thing. lol. And usualy dont sweat as much during my workout because the A/C in the gym I go to. 45min cardio today. At 4mins in started sweat the way I usualy do 10 mins in. Wanting to drink more water while my workout and cardio. The rest of the day just relaxed but did take my puppy out for a few short walks. Tomorrow going to up my dose to 300mg.

Day4 Saturday.. slept well, no night sweats. Eas a cold night also. 7:00am 200mg. Today is saturday so no gym today. Just a couple of walks with my dog. Even those slow, short walks I was staring to sweat alittle. 3:00pm 200mg. Few more short walk with the dog.

Day5.. Sunday.. 7:00am 200mg.. Slept ok. Still woke up a few time with some sweating. Tonight getting a fan to put in front of me. 12:00pm 100mg. Everything I do I can feel my body want to sweat. Feeling full all day. Thinking its all the water. Last night started carb loading till the end of this afternoon then back to keto. 4:00pm 100mg. 6:00pm fell off the wagon lol. I just had some lasagna for lunch and pizza for dinner. just couldn't help it. Damn that was good.

Day6 Monday.. last night the fan help a little but still was sweating going on 7:00am 200mg. WOW got to the gym and weighed myself. I gained 5pounds. IS THIS NORMAL?? I know I ate bad for a day and half but to gain 5pounds?? Anyways my workout is getting weaker. Not able to do the reps I usualy do with the same weight. 60mins of cardio went good. Sweated like hell in the beginning but got better forwards the end but got through the 60mins. guys i been drinking about a gallon of water a day.

So I do have a question.. Why did my weight go up so much??? I read a lot of posts with guys doing the exact same thing and weight goes down. what should I adjust first??