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    LOG: Trendione and Ultradrol FULL ORAL CYCLE


    A few things to note before you start reading: 1.) this is not a professional log; the format will be what i feel like making it. 2.) this is for people looking for cycle experience information on Trendione and Ultradrol; it is not scientific. 3.) this log will also serve to note the success or failure of my choices, so that future individuals may benefit. 4.) The whole cycle log will be on one post, if i can help it.

    OKAY! Lets get started.

    my cycle and other things.

    Cycle type: Oral [nobody likes orals because they can Xuck you up. And i guarantee you that without all this stuff that i'm supplementing with, my diet, the copious amounts of water, all the free-time and my rest plan, I would be feeling like garbage throughout this cycle. this is my last prohormone cycle. I would prefer to inject, but I've never done that before]

    Trendione and Ultradrol: This is an "anabolic blend" 25 m g per dose. i'm dosing twice daily ["blends" are sometimes a sign that the product is poorly portioned and is inferior-garbage. this is not true all the time.]
    NOTE: Trendione is oral Trenavar though weaker it still converts to Trenbolone and only differs by a ketone at the 17 position.

    liquid Pramipexole at .5m g a day. [because these particular AAS cause problems with gynecomastia even though they do not convert to estrogen i'm using Pramipexole to stop my brain from causing the production of prolactin/milk]

    Aromasin (Exemestane) at 6.25mg a day. [ aromasin is a a Steroidal Suicide Aromatase Inhibitor. because of the increase in adrogenic activity, caused by the AAS, my body will start producing more estrogen to balance itself. This will increase my Blood pressure and cholesterol. i'm taking it to 1.) not feel like garbage, and 2.) protect my chest and reproductive organs from getting girly.

    DAY 1-2 (routine for day 1) Biceps triceps and forearms and full leg routine
    The first and second days were rough. today, on the third day my body is adjusting and i feel great except after i've taken pramipexole. Also, my bowl movements have become regular and comfortable since switching oatmeals. i eat an old fashioned rolled oat because it's fibrous.

    day3/20130615 0845 (routine) chest in the morning, chest in the evening [i'm doing double chest because i don't want to hit up my triceps again after i did them the day before yesterday; the first day made me really sore. however! my triceps are feeling alright, except for the left one, so we'll see.

    BREAKFAST: i had a bowl of oatmeal with olive oil, sunflower seeds, flax seed. also i had bite size pieces of chicken breast, ahi tuna, and T-bone steak. i'm going to supplement with HCL betaine and take my liver juice with joint supp and keep drinking water and a little bit of pedialyte.
    an hour from now i'm going to drink cup milk two eggs and a scoop of protein powder. with that i'll also have some BCAA right before i hit the gym.

    AFTER WORK-OUT 1253: I'm including a 50-50 routine every day: 100 push-ups a day split up, no matter what day it is. i'm also going to up the dosage to three pills a day in 4 days, the max dosage. The twice a day routine doesn't appeal to me, but we'll see.

    FOOD: More bite size portions or tuna, chicken. some oatmeal. in two hours i'm going to eat 4 raw eggs NIACIN, UBIQUINOL

    WORKOUT 2 1800. i did chest and abdominals. overall it was a good work-out. This stuff isn't as strong as superdrol; i feel hardly any sides whatsoever; although, I'm sleeping, relaxing, drinking, and eating whenever i feel like it. i've been sleepy as hell, but i feel good once rested. - this mornings bowel movement was outstanding, but today I feel like i'm not pooping enough-again-compared to how much i'm eating; I should have prepared by eating up, so that my cycle would start smoother. Also, my appetite is dead! i'm going to post a topic on cycle eating. i think the higher quantities of food and fiber are causing upsets. i'm going to stick with higher quantites of more easily digestible things like more eggs and more fish [i'm concerned that this crap isn't good enough. I can feel it when i pop a cap and dump it out under my tongue, but no sides, and plenty of dreamy sleep. however, i'm taking a lot of things for blood pressure and sleep aid. i question the seriousness of this product. i see improved power maximums, but no noticeably increased recovery. my entire body hurts

    day 4: 20130616 1105

    breakfast: tuna, 2 raw eggs, vitamin d and k, 1 pack of liquid gel glucose, 1 multivitamin, oatmeal, water, liquid joint supplement, 1 big 100 b-vitamin supp, 4 fish oil
    pills, vegatables, 1 prohormone pill/ultradrol/trendione, milk and protein isolate whey mix.

    All other meals:

    1 work out: shoulders traps and abs

    Final thoughts: I feel great! this stuff isn't strong like superdrol was; i'm dissapointed because now i might as well be just working out natural. however, the responsability of taking a prohormone is keeping me focused. I've been planning this stupid cycle for three months. i think the dosing in the pills was portioned by a retard. i'm considering cutting back on the blood pressure things and some of the other supps i take for sides. still sore all over and my sex drive is at an all time high...

    Off day 20130617 1057:
    I might as well be popping skittles because i feel nothing at all. have become desensitized to these prohormones?

    day 5 20130618 1445: i switched to something tried and true: "Wicked" by AMMO LABS. it's Methylstenbolone and an M1T-clone. I feel pretty good. This thread is dead. my workouts r all XuXked up because i went out of the order i had planned... i need to incorporate legs again soon
    workout 1: back
    intake: ahi tuna, white rice, glucose gel, oatmeal, bcaa, protein powder, egg whites, whole eggs, water
    workout 2: biceps and triceps.

    "Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength" is a great book!
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