Ok , Wats Up everybody , to begin with , i just like to say i only recently joined the forum in hope of getting sum extra knowledge on the sport of bodybuilding i wasted 4 years of my life in the gym , training hard , taking gear , eating shite and getting no were, wasting my own time and money , listening to people that didnt hav a clue , not intentionly but filling me full of shit ( My god the ****ing size of u , ur a monster , ur huge , ur pumped etc , which was just dwn to ther own ignorance of the sport.

anyway so i made a desicion on may 27th 2012 to strip dwn , start from scratch all over again , work from a blank canvas . so i basicly starved my self for 4 months only eating rabbit food, tuna salads etc and taking in a zero carbs , i was so weak , everytime i wud stand up i wud get light headed and nearly faint, i was running 5 k in the morning and another 5 k in the evening , waking up , and my legs haning off me ,with shin splints aching quads etc , but i just kept pushing threw, i would be walking around like a cripple , but as soon as i wud start running again the pain wud ease my legs wud loosin.

So i Went from 107kilo dwn to 73kilo in the 3 months , i obvioulsly didtn lift any weights in that time so wen i reached my goal i decided it was time to hit the gym.

So i started of slow still doing the similar type of bodybuilding exersise that i knew , but this time with a clean diet, the diet was clean , extremly clean , but i wasnt eating enuf , so over the space of a few months i got my ass in gear , not just living on boiled chicken and salad, but eating carbs again ,sweet potatoe , rice fiberous carbs broccolli asparagus etc , mixing the protein up , turkey steaks ,beef steaks , and boiled chicken.

my body started changing naturaly , actually for once growing lean muscle , not exploding with fat and water, so to cut a long story short i decided i was gna do my first show after training naturaly for nearly a year ,i sed **** it if i can grow naturally lets see the results i get on the gear, so on may the 2nd i took my first shot, ok i obviously think i hava fair amount of knowledge on steroids , but compared to sum of you guys on this i say i know shit so here is my plan and wat ive been taking

i kick started the cycle with 1200mg of test400 for a bout 3 weeks
the i moved onto iranian enanthate 250 im running 750mg each week

ive been on 750mg ew for over a month now

im after getting ten shots of testex cyp i plan to keep up the 750mg enan and throw in 250mg of cyp on my last shot of the week which does be on a friday

the show is on oct06 , i plan running this all the way to the show
but taking 1 shot winny and 100mg anavar , 1 proviron and 7 clen every day 20 days out from the show

im about 8% bf at the minute i want to be 3% on stage

im planing on dieting from first day in aug up until oct which is roughly around 8 weeks

Thanks for listening any tips or feed back wud be much appreciated

Dublin ,Ireland