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    Post First cycle - dbol / test enanthate (21y, currently 6 weeks in)


    I'm currently completing my first AAS cycle.

    Week 1-5 dianabol , 40 mg per day (4 caps)
    Week 1-12 testosterone enanthate , 500 mg per week, two 250 mg injections

    Week 15-18 PCT, Nolva 40/40/20/20 + Clomid 50*/50/50/50 / *150mg first day

    I am 21 years old, been lifting consistently for 8.5 months now. My goals for the cycle were building as much lean body mass as possible. Pure bulking cycle of course.

    Cycle begin was the 06/20/2013

    Stats immediately prior to the cycle:

    Height: 192 cm / 6"3'
    Weight: 86.4 kg / 190.5 lbs
    Bodyfat: around ~12%

    Bench Press: 70 kg x 5
    Squat: 75 kg x 10
    Leg Press: 200 kg x 10
    OHP: ??
    Lat Pulldown: 70 kg x 10
    Deadlift: I don't deadlift due to medical history regarding my lower back

    Stats now (26/07/2013), 6 weeks into cycle

    Height: 192 cm / 6"'3' (obviously)
    Weight: 97.2 kg / 214.3 lbs (+23.8 lbs)
    Bodyfat: around ~13-14% (gained almost nothing)

    Bench Press: 80 kg x 8
    Squat: 110 kg x 10
    Leg Press: 310 kg x 10
    OHP: 55 kg x 6
    Lat Pulldown: 80 kg x 10

    Comments/criticism is very much appreciated. Will probably post an end result picture to compare with pre cycle. I had an initial fear of the gear being bunk, since this was my absolute first cycle. But the mass and strength gains are insane - a whole new level.


    My experience, the sides:

    - the dbol took some days for me to really kick in. As I researched this seems normal.
    - I never felt the testosterone really kickin' in, in week 4 or 5, as it was quite often described. Just as I discontinued dbol usage and saw my strength still rise fast (for example - secondlast chest workout: 80x6, last chest workout: 80x8) I knew it was not bunk at all.
    - my libido was always quite high, I didn't feel a sudden superb increase in it
    - no acne, no hair loss, no deepening of the voice
    - only side I was getting was a little bit gyno, I took care of that with 0.5mg adex eod. Was nothing severe. Probably off the dbol.
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    Criticisms are you started too young, too light and with not enough experience in the gym.

    Are you running an AI? Please don't think all your gains are muscle.

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    I'm not that stupid. Of course a lot of it is water weight. Just because I started young and not lifting long enough doesn't mean I didn't research carefully and well. 24 lbs of muscle in a month is completely impossible

    Yes, I am running arimidex eod 0.5 mg.
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