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    First Cycle - "Anavar Only" - Results

    So, I started off by wanting to do an Anavar only cycle, I just liked its profile when compared to Test. I’m prone to hairloss, didn’t want to gain too much size, BF is fairly high, etc.

    After 8 months of research, I landed on the following 8-week cycle:

    50mg/ED Anavar (1-8)(Kinetic International)
    250mg/week Test E (2-6)(Kinetic International)
    500iu/week HCG (2-6)(not sure brand)
    0.5mg/EOD Arimidex (2-7)(Kinetic International)

    I still consider this an “Anavar cycle” since everything I added was just in support of doing the var successfully.

    I’m currently in my 3rd week of PCT (started at the end of week 8):

    20mg/ED Nolvadex (9-12) (Northern Pharma)
    50mg/ED Clomide (9-12) (Northern Pharma)
    (I ran double dose for the first few days)

    I’ve had no major side effects, save a little acne at end of wk 9, but it cleared up pretty quick. And libido went up while on cycle and dipped a little coming off, but seems to be back to normal. Oh, and I was getting pretty bad headaches in my final week on cycle, but they’ve gone away.


    5’ 10”
    31 yrs

    I went to a Bod Pod (gold standard for BF measurement) before and after cycle so the results are pretty accurate:

    before: (Dec.12/14)
    188.6 lbs
    23.6% BF

    after: (Feb.9/15)
    184.0 lbs
    17.9% BF

    So in 8 weeks I lost 11.7 lbs fat, and put on 7.1 lbs muscle. I’m happy with the results, the gains are pretty clean and I haven’t lost any size or strength during PCT. I’ve shortened my workouts, cut cardio to every second day, and eating lots of protein in an effort to reduce catabolism... I’d rather keep the muscle and put on a few lbs fat.

    6 months down the road I’ll do a very similar cycle, I’ve already got the var (Balkan Pharmaceuticals). I’ll prob do 70-80mg/day though and maybe bump the Test E to 300-350mg/week, and run it the entire 8 weeks.

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    Congrats on your results.

    It's far as test....i started noticing effects around 4-5 weeks, but it was around week 7-8 that things got insane.

    You might be cutting yourself short... The effects of test after week 8 are astounding!!! By far my favorite part of the cycle was week 7-12. I would hate to have stopped at week 8.

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    this is not an anavar only cycle- out of all of this- the anavar will give you the least ..

    i hate click bates

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