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    My first cycle results 500 mg test e 25 mg dbol

    First Cycle 12 weeks
    500 mg test E.... pin 250 mg twice a week
    25 mg metabol dbol everyday for the first 6 weeks
    Liquid Stane every day to start with then just quit using cause wasn't showing any signs of gyno
    PCT- Clomid - 75/50/50/50
    Novadex- 50/25/25/25

    Hey guys, my first cycle went pretty well, I guess. I'm really not sure how I feel about it. I used Bio-tech products. All the pills(dbol, clomid, nova) looked the same so I was kinda worried, right out the gate, that the gear wasn't real. My first couple weeks went great gained 12 lbs in no time. Strength and sex drive went through the roof as well but as I got off the dbol my gains came to a stand still. I only gained maybe 2 or 3 more lbs. and hardly any strength gains. I'm very new to gear and didn't know how I would feel on them. I had heard all kinda stories about feeling like super man and just having a ton of energy to get a lot of things done. Well I didn't have any of that at all. I felt the same way through the whole cycle other than when I was on the dbol. I did have moments where I felt amazing. I don't know if the test was under dosed or what but I just didn't seem to get the superman feeling everyone was talking about. My stats before and after are:

    ---------------- Before / After / Difference
    Body weight- 178 lbs / 195 lbs / +17 lbs
    Flat Bench Press- 270 lbs / 325 lbs / +55 lbs
    Squat- 245x5 reps / 315x5 reps / +70 lbs..... Didn't really work my legs before and didn't do a single rep max before or after
    Deadlift- 250x5 reps / 315x5 reps / + 65 lbs..... Never did a single rep max

    I'm pretty happy with all the gains that I made on gear but, like I said, after I dropped the dbol they came to a stand still. I just started my PCT Monday and so far no crash yet.
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    the stand still point is normal, studies show that most gains are made within the first month. please keep us updated about your weight. the gains is what you keep after 2 months of cycle ! ! make sure you measure it.

    === thanks for the post

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    did you get bloodwork before hand, during, and after, I'd be very interested to see your levels and blood panels throughout the whole process with that much of progress!

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