9 weeks on gear now and Trenbolone was stopped over a week ago, continuing with sust 250mg/week for two weeks. This cycle was after cutting with no gear.

Cycle was/is this:

Trenbolone: 200mg/week
Sustanon : 300mg/week
HCG : 500iu/week for 11-12 weeks

Thinking of PCT:

Clomid: 50/50
Nolva: 40/40/20/20

Results by this far: more vascularity (even if I'm a bit fat yeah), 10 lbs of LEAN muscle or almost lean, pumps are awesome just after two sets of weights. Strenght has been better than ever and looked never this good for myself and expecting why is this because cycle was after cutting and Tren is just ****ing miracle. It's allowed me to eat almost everything: pizza, ice creams, macdonalds, coffee breads (yeah this is bad :b but loving it). Been also eating some good quality stuff of course, calories have been around 3000-3500 kcals every day.

Some say 200mg of Tren is not so much and this is my 5th or 6th cycle, but for me it was enough to see results with sust. I was afraid enanthate but took a risk. Only biggest problem weas getting a good sleep at first but MELATONIN 2mg every night helped me a lot. Then was more rapidly heart rate but nothing to concern about. There wass less bodyhear growth than with sustanon 500mg/week before and acne almost at all.

Not so much gear and not so big drop down if it's ahed of you. Trenbolone is a KING. Maybe a short break and next cycle with it.

What do you think how to eat after cycle? Only clean food and calories over 3000 every day? To avoid getting any fat?