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Thread: mass cycle

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    mass cycle

    could anyone suggest a good mass cycle for me? This is after 6 months off the last one which I gained 7 p.
    I'm 6'3, 200 p, 32 y/o, 6 years exp. in bodybuilding with 2 years in roids (twice a year).
    I'd appreciate a good mass cycle which w'd make me gain 10p. (without g.h and insulin )

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    this is in the wrong forum, but here goes

    weeks 1-8
    400mgs test E. per week
    400mgs deca per week

    weeks 9-10
    75 mgs test prop. per day

    5 days after last prop shot start clomid
    day 1 300mgs
    next 10 days 100mgs
    next 10 days 50mgs

    this should get u your 10 pounds VERY EASILY.

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