whassup guys,
Im new to this board and I didint see an introduction section for the newbies (ie like SW.com)

I just want to get big, I got a girlfriend so who needs abs j/p but would rather have more muscle than less fat.

5'6 200lbs
arms 17 in
chest 49
WAY too much body fat, but starting cardio on my off days and beginning a new job so my schedule should be more secure
recently been doing legal supps
1-AD 900mg a day for 4 bottles, and 4-AD 900mg a day for 2 bottles
just basicaly blowing money for minute results, planning on a sust cycle for my first AS cycle but my diet has to be cleaned up first and Id like a little less bodyfat(u know fat stores estrogen after a cycle)
wanted to know will legal supps ruin your test receptors?

good to be aboard
holla back