My stats are 6'2.5", 230 lbs., 7-8% Bf, and I'm 20, I'll be 21 by the time I start. Have enough cycles under my belt, so no need for moral lectures.
Well, I plan on running the following cycle starting in about 6 weeks.

Week 1-16 Test Cyp(Upjohn) 500 mg/week
Week 3-21 HGH(Serostim) 2-3 iu's/day...prob. stay at 2 iu/day after
Week 3-10 Anavar (BTG 10mg) 35-40 mg/day
Week 10-17 Fina(homemade) 100 mg/day
Week 1-20 Arimidex (Zeneca) 0.25-.5/day ...not sure yet
Week 18-20 HCG

Also have a bottle of 60, 50mcg Cytomel (Smith-Kline), not sure when I should add it in, I will start at 12.5mcg/day and prob. go no higher than 25mcg/day for around 6 weeks pyramiding up and back down.

Don't want to add insulin , goals are to be at 245 lbs., at same or even less Bf %.

Well let me know how you think this looks and add any suggestions if you think any are needed.