23 y.o.
Bf- 14% (+/- 2%)Calipers
BTW: I have been on this site over the course of the last probably 9 years reading logs and forums, other knowledge came from reading Anabolics 2006e.d. / Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding / Medical Journals on NCBI / my dietitian
Cycle History: 3 years ago ran Test E 500mg/ew week 1-12 w/ Dbol 50mg/ed week 1-4

Hows it going everyone?
Brief History: I got into lifting sophomore yr highschool through sophomore year of college, ran a cycle young which went well, but got too into partying and got way off track around same time PCT was starting and lost pretty much everything. Got real out of shape and barely lifted for 2 years. Last year I got fed up with my body and met with a R.D. I knew to get my diet back on track. Went from starting 220lbs at 25% body fat to 178lbs at 12% bodyfat. I spent this time getting very invested in studying Nutritional Biochemistry, the various steroid compounds and their processes, and bodybuilding. I am nowhere near ready to compete or anything, but in the future, I certainly would consider it. After getting back in shape, I re-fell in love with the sport and now know I am capable of reaching my goals.

I am running another cycle post cut, which I started 4 weeks ago. I should have waited and clean bulked for a bit to get my metabolism/hormones back in check after strict cutting diet and get my lbm up, but I let my impulsive behavior get the best of me. This being said, whats done is done, so I wanted to come here to record my progress and get advice along the way.

* I started too young, I am aware. I am still too young, I am aware. I am not big enough, I am aware. My bf is too high, I am aware. Please keep criticism to positive advice, not redundant bashing. I'm fully informed of the consequences to my actions.

So after dropping all that weight and getting lean, I was pretty dissatisfied with my lbm. My goal is to add 15lbs of lean muscle, minimize bodyfat gain. I definitely added too much fat the first 2 weeks of the cycle with my diet off track and not being able to train hard with a neck injury. My LBM was around 158-162. I would like it to be around 175lbs. I prefer the classic physique look, Jeff Seid has a great build IMO. I know I am very far from but got to have a goal lol.

WEEK 1-14
Test E 600mg/ew (300mg e3/5d)
Adex .25/eod

WEEK 6-16
HcG 250iu e3.5d

WEEK 16-20
Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/50/50/50

2810 kcal Meal Plan (2550kcal Off Day)
90g Fat (100g Exercise day) 180g Protein 310g CHO (250g Off Days)

Breakfast: (80g CHO, 50g Protein, 20g Fat)
2 Eggs and 1 cup Egg Whites (38g Protein, 10g Fat)
1 cup (Dry Measure) Oats OR 1.5 cup Potato OR 2 cup Cereal (40g CHO, 5g Protein)
1 cup/piece of Fruit (20g CHO)
cup Avocado OR cup Cheese OR Tbsp Oil

OR 1.5 scoops Whey with 10oz almond milk, cup oats, 1 cup berries, banana, 2 Tbsp Peanut Butter

Snack: (20g CHO, 15g Protein, 32g Fat)

cup Almonds (32g Fat, 16g CHO, 16g Protein) OR 1/4 cup Almond Butter
1 cup/piece of Fruit (20g CHO)

Lunch: (70g CHO, 55g Protein, 20g Fat)
6oz Steak/Salmon/Cod/Flounder/Halibut/Chicken/Turkey/Beef (42g Protein, 10g Fat)
1.5 cup Quinoa/Sweet Potato/Rice/Pasta (63g CHO, 9g Protein)
1-cup cooked Non-Starchy Vegetables (8g CHO)
cup Avocado (12g Fat, 9g CHO, 2g Protein) OR 1 Tbsp Oil OR 2 Tbsp Dressing
(Easy Chipotle Meal bowl with guac on the side )

Pre: (30g CHO, 5g Protein, 10g Fat) Pre-workout Meal ** Skip on off days

1 Piece OR 1.5 cup Fruit (30g CHO)
1 Tbsp Almond Butter (8g Fat, 4g CHO, 4g Protein)
OR LaraBar as easy pre-workout snack

Dinner: (70g CHO, 55g Protein, 20g Fat)
6oz Steak/Salmon/Cod/Flounder/Halibut/Chicken/Turkey (42g Protein, 10g Fat)
1.5 cup Quinoa/Sweet Potato/Rice/Pasta (63g CHO, 9g Protein)
*1 cup Extra on training Days (2.5 cups total)
1 cup cooked Non-Starchy Vegetables (8g CHO)
cup Avocado (12g Fat, 9g CHO, 2g Protein) OR 1 Tbsp Oil OR 2 Tbsp Dressing

Evening: Option of 1 scoop protein with water/almond milk to curb appetite

I often sub protein bars due to busy work schedule.



Then Repeat. I do 6 day rotations, I feel on cycle, recovery is quicker so an off day can be removed but thats personal preference.


BF% -12.5%
CHEST -40"
BI -15.2"
THIGH -22"
WAIST -35"
NAVEL -34"
FOREARM -12.5"
CALF -15.2"

BENCH - 185X6
SQUAT - 265X5

The very first day I pinned I pulled my neck playing bball lol. Diet was way off and could hardly move for a few days.

Didnt start Adex til a few days ago, started holding a ton of water and weight jumped. Lost a good bit of it now though.

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