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    Test E, Dbol, Proviron & Anavar

    Hi guys,

    I'm planning my next cycle, I've done a couple of cycles, all of them were just Test E.
    This time I want to try some orals, this is my proposed cycle.

    Test E, Dbol, Proviron & Anavar-testdbolprovironanavar2.png

    Test E: will be the base.
    Dbol : will be used as a kickstarter, I want to try the minimum effective dosage. Old school guys use to cycle at that dosage, also this is my first time with it, so I prefer to be cautious.
    Proviron : the only reason to add it is because of it's strong SHBG binding nature, increasing the potency of Test E and Dbol, also it is a weak estrogen blocker.
    Anavar : Again I will try the min. effective dosage (according to Anabolics 10th edition). This is my first time with it.
    Also I'll use NAC at 600 mg and the usual cholesterol sups (omega 3, green tea, etc.)

    My goal is to add three to five kg. of lean mass.

    My stats: 39 y/o, weight: 196 lb (89 kg), height: 6,1 (186 cm), BF: 10% to 12% (aprox.).
    My last BW shows my current test level is high, but not too high (doctor says), estrogen is in normal range, cholesterol is ok, RBC is ok, but just in case, I'll make an appointment to donate blood before starting the cycle.

    Finally, I will not do PCT because I'm cruise at 250 mg of Test E every ten days (125 mg e5d).

    So, what do you think about the cycle?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Test E, Dbol, Proviron & Anavar-testdbolprovironanavar.png  
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