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    Talking Test + Dbol Results with PICS

    I did a 12 week cycle like this:

    Week 1-12, Test e 300mg 2x (600 mg total)
    Week 1-6, Dbol 50 mg ed

    PCT used nolva and clomid, for on cycle support I used Anastrozole (Arimidex )

    Before stats
    135 lbs 7% bf
    Test + Dbol Results with PICS-img_7678.jpg

    After stats (post pct)
    155 lbs 10%bf
    Test + Dbol Results with PICS-img_3695.jpeg

    What do u guys think?

    I know I wasn't ready for a cycle on the first pic, hadn't stablished a base, but if I'm planning to compete I gotta start now since ill be facing kids who've been doing it since they were 16 or so.

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    Huge difference man good job but don't be flippant about overall health and cutting your potential short. Good luck competing in the future
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