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Thread: 2nd Cycle Log - Mast, Test, Var

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    2nd Cycle Log - Mast, Test, Var

    Hi everyone. Well yesterday was that day we all wait for. All my gear turned up at once, happy days! This isn't everything I have, I still have some leftover bits and pieces from my previous cycle, but it's everything I needed before starting this one.

    2nd Cycle Log - Mast, Test, Var-img_1628.jpg

    Ok, so now onto the planned cycle:

    I experienced a bit of a rough shutdown period after the first cycle which could have been because of a few factors. Either way, my goals for this cycle aren't at all to bulk up but more to recomp, looking to stay at or near my current weight but have a better composition of fat vs muscle, plus I really did love the way I felt during my first cycle in terms of energy etc (I have had long term issues with lack of energy and lethargy, unfortunately I didn't do pre-cycle bloods before my first cycle to see if this was all because of low T in the beginning).

    Taking into account the above factors I have decided to go with a Mast, Test, Var cycle this time around. This cycle follows some different protocols that have been explained in the links below by different gurus on here. I guess the idea of frontloading with prop versions of both Test and Mast is designed to kickstart the gains so I can keep the cycle as short as possible and still see maximal gains.

    The cycle will look like:
    Test P - 70mg eod - days 1-11
    Mast P - 170mg eod - days 1-11
    Test E - 107mg e3d (250mg/week) - weeks 1-10
    Mast E - 257mg e3d (600mg/week) - weeks 1-10
    Anavar - 50mg/day - weeks 7-12
    HCG - 250iu 2x/week - weeks 2-10, 500iu 3x/week - weeks 11-12
    Arimidex - 0.5mg 3x/week - weeks 8-12
    Nolva - 40mg/day - weeks 13-14, 20mg/day - weeks 15-16
    Clomid - 100mg/day - weeks 13-14, 50mg/day weeks 15-16

    Running the Var after the Test/Mast up to the PCT period has been explained by GH in the attached thread, but I believe is aimed at keeping the anabolism going right up to the time PCT is started and not give me that 2 week break with nothing in the middle that most cycles have (I only made it to day 11 after the last pin before I decided to start PCT last time as I could feel I was declining quickly).

    My first cycle thread

    Mast E vs Mast P thread

    I'll try and keep a log of how things go and the results as this is a different sort of cycle to most so it might be of interest to some people. I haven't ordered from either of these UGLs before so I hope the gear is legit, I did as much research as possible and didn't necessarily go for the cheapest options on the market.

    First pin(s) was yesterday afternoon. It was a bit of a shock to have to pin over 4mL of gear as the concentrations and the fact I am running prop in addition to enanthate for the first week or so meant I had to pin a lot more than the last cycle. Previously I only had to pin 1mL of Test E 2x/week. Unfortunately I only had 1cc syringes on hand so I managed to fit all the gear into 4 injections, lucky I don't mind needles! Note to self: get some 3cc syringes.

    I'll be pinning the Enanthate esters every third day as it is easier for me to inject of an evening, rather than doing a Monday morning then Thursday evening type of setup, plus it might help keep levels a bit steadier.

    I have a graph of the cycle and substance release times below for interest's sake. There are still some peaks and troughs doing eod for Prop and e3d for Enanthate but it shouldn't make too much of a difference.
    Yellow - Test P
    Light Blue - Mast P
    Red - Test E
    Green - Mast E
    Purple - Anavar

    Cycle Levels eod and e3d.pdf
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    Looking forward to seeing how this goes for you. I love masteron and am running test tren and masteron now.

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    Day 12

    12 days in and things are starting to happen. In the last 2 days I have really started to notice the extra intensity and endurance at the gym start to come on pretty quickly. Today was one of the best sessions Iíve had for a long time. Itís a hard feeling to explain, itís just like your body can keep going and the break between sets is not really needed. Iím not really lifting any more weight at this stage but more reps seem easier with the extra energy Iím starting to have.

    Iíve already put on a couple of kilos, starting weight was 101.5kg (223lb) and one and a half weeks in Iím at 103.2kg (227lb) but Iím not getting too caught up on that as my weight fluctuates a fair bit normally anyway.

    Diet has been really good so far. Not body builder good but Iíve stayed pretty strict and even avoided alcohol on a couple of occasions when everyone else was drinking, so Iím committed haha

    A few notes so far from the cycle:
    - PIP has been a challenge to manage, during the first week I calculated I injected well over 10mL of gear whereas during my first cycle I was only doing 0.9mL every third day. I have had to find alternative places to pin because I got to the point where my glutes were killing me and it was becoming a problem. It got progressively worse over the first week. I have now pinned a couple of times in my delts which worked well. I can confirm that the prop injections are much more painful. I did a prop pin in my right arm delt one day and then an enanthate pin in my left arm delt the next. The arm that I pinned the prop in is noticeably more sore than the enanthate first one. So a note for newbies, avoid prop for a first cycle especially. For one, you have to inject at least eod. Second, itís more painful than enanthate for those who have virgin or novice muscles.
    - Libido has gone up from just a few days in. Pissing at night is a chore because night and morning wood is a part of life while on cycle haha

    Overall Iím feeling good about the cycle. Iím feeling and looking a bit fuller and tighter already (a little bit anyway). Iím keen for the energy to come along as that was my favourite part of the first cycle.

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    Day 18

    Things are definitely on the go. In the last couple of days I have noticed some definite physiological effects start to come on pretty quick.

    I have decided to readjust my cycle and go with 500mg Test p/w instead of 250mg initially planned on top of the 600mg Mast p/w. Iím ok with putting on some weight and I hope I can really harden up later in the cycle when the Anavar comes in and I can manipulate my diet to try and steer things that way.

    Things Iíve recently started noticing:
    - My skin has become extremely oily over the last few days, only on my face though. Iíve upped the face wash routine and am still starting to get a couple of pimples here and there, will need to stay on top of it.
    - I have started to become more agitated at small things, this is most notable in traffic while driving or hitting red lights etc and is something I remember when I was in my first cycle and I noticed E was getting a little bit high. I have started 0.33mg (1/3 tab) Adex eod to try and combat it. I found 0.5mg eod was good for me during my first cycle. Yes I know this is high but everyone is unique and I donít seem to do well with high E. Iíve started the Adex in the last 5 days so hopefully it should settle things down.
    - One of the reasons I thought E was high and causing some water retention is my weight has gone through the roof. Tuesdays are my weigh in days, day 1 I was 101.5kg, day 8 I was 103.2kg and this week day 15 I was 106.4kg. At least this means Iím definitely a good responder to AAS, but obviously in 2 weeks that is all water weight so I need to keep it under control as almost 5kg (10lb) in 2 weeks is pretty up there.
    - Intensity and strength at the gym continue to go up very rapidly, alongside improved recovery time from workouts. Thatís the good stuff that I love about being on cycle!

    Iím back to just enanthate injections now which are so much better than prop, Iím pretty much pain free now so itís good I can just focus on the cycle and doing as much activity and lifting as possible.

    Iím incorporating a lot more cardio into this cycle than my first cycle. Iím really hoping if I can keep the water weight under control and keep my diet up with the cardio and Mast then Anavar mixed in I should be able to make some really good gains in the direction I want.

    In summary, Iím pretty happy with how things are going. The first couple of weeks are always nerve wracking as you hope your gear is legit etc and that this will be a success. Now I know the gear is legit I can focus on making the most out of it.

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