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    First ever Test e only cycle log

    Hey everyone ,
    This will be my log , I ll keep it update with pictures and questions towards you and how I overall feel while cycling .

    Stats :
    Age : 24 years old
    Height : 193cm
    Weight : 90 kg
    Years of training : all my life , I ve been playing sports competitive and I ve been hitting gym for 5 years straight ( 3 with knowledge ).

    Cycle :

    Test e 500mg/wk split into two doses Monday - Thursday
    Arimidex 0.25 every 3 days
    Hcg (ovitrelle) 250 mg twice a week
    I got nolvadex and clomi on hand for pct .

    Other supps:
    Vitamin c
    Omega 3
    Vitamin d

    Cycling between maintainance and 200-300 cals deficit

    Protein sources :
    Mostly chicken or beef with low fat , eggs .

    Any whole wheat , fruits mostly bananas and pineapple , veggies mostly broccoli lettuce cabbage , rice , sweet chili sauce , low sugar ketchup ( I add a little bit in some meals )

    Fats :
    Coconut oil , olive oil , sesame butter

    Pictures :

    Before :
    Best shape I had , all natural
    First ever Test e only cycle log-3ba6f455-c60e-4063-bb20-e71999e7ba1a.jpgFirst ever Test e only cycle log-8340ab46-dc58-429b-9823-00bb748ac1ee.jpeg

    Questions :
    Notes about my cycle+ supps . Are enough ?
    How will this cycle affect my cardiovascular health ?

    Currently on week 3 :
    Amazing overall feeling , stronger at gym , libido on the roof , no sides at all .

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    thread Moved. please delete

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