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Thread: Gained 40 lbs of lean body mass (muscle) in 7 months!!

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    Gained 40 lbs of lean body mass (muscle) in 7 months!!

    Somethings Iíll point out before showing you these body scans is I originally had been extremely underweight due to a car accident that I was in. In order to put the weight back on I went on two separate cycles. The first one just 14 wks of Test C the PCT and then the second 12 wks of Tren A, Test P, and Mast then PCT.

    And I know that lean body mass is also going to include some of the water weight. My actual dry lean mass which is absolute dent muscle was over 10lbs. I just find that whenever people are talking about muscle gains they are not referring to just dry lean mass as muscle over 70% percent water.

    Now Iím just working on getting the body fat percentage under 8.5%

    Any advice or suggestions on any of the stuff is much appreciated.

    First body scan is on 7/10/2018 and the. The second is after both cycles on 02/21/19:



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    this is not surprising .. though doing it in 7 months is a great effort and awesome results !

    I was bed ridden and handicap for over a year and went through a couple surgeries and only ate percocets for breakfast. I lost a ton of muscle. dropped down to a scrawny 150 something pounds. muscle memory is a wonderful thing ! add muscle memory along with AAS and you got the winning solution. got back to about 210 fairly lean.

    point being, with muscle memory and good fresh receptors for AAS, you can make massive gains fairly quickly
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