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    very unorthodox, but its worth a try

    weeks 1-4 250mg omnadren
    weeks 1-12 110mg fina /day 2cc's
    weeks 1-12 300mg primobolan depot/week
    weeks 4-6 50mg anadrol /day
    weeks 8-12 50mg winstrol eod

    wierd to throw the abomb in the middle but i think it might work , i want to wait untill my body is absorbing everything and growing at its peak phase when i throw the abombs in, what do you think

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    I would run some form of test the entire time I'm running the fina. I know from experience that if I didn't I would regret it. Other than that, it looks interesting. I'm anxious to hear your results.

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    4 weeks of omnas isnt going to do shit bro. like platinum said run a test the whole time. move the anadrol to the beginning. how many cycles have you done before?

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    Wow that's a wierd looking cycle!!! Very bizarre... heres some advice:

    don't throw the abombs in the middle, but at the beginning your body will absorb and respond to them much better. Up the omna to 500mg a week, and run it all 12 weeks. At week 8 inject 50mg of winny EACH DAY the half life is too short to inject eod. And also for the fina I would lower it to 55mg ed if this is your first cycle 110 each day is pretty high. Also what is the point of the primo when you're already going to be on 2-3 others? Once again if this is your first cycle I would drop the primo that seems like a little much.


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