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    winny and baseball

    I heard that winny dries out your joints, and I had tommy john surgey about 2 years ago. I needed to know if taking glucosimen would be enough to make it so my elbow won't get hurt again, and if not what else can i take that will help give me gains on my mph's, but won't stay in my system very long.

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    i would stick with doing rotator cuff work then anything... winstrol would be good but its going to cut you up a bit and you have to stretch alllllllll the time... when your not practicing and when your sitting at home...

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    I am an ex-professional pitcher that came back after torn rotator surgery and I am currently playing in a 30 and up league. I have always worked out and kept in good shape and I would say that my fastball is around 83-84. It was more like 90 in my prime. I did a cycle of Winny about 3 months ago and I threw the ball like never before. I was throwing 90+ after 3 weeks.

    I would suggest that you do a very small dosage if you do it at all... And make sure that you stretch alot, your muscles will become shorter and you know as a pitcher, you need to reach out to get good snap on you breaking ball or velocity on your fastball...

    I have seen plenty of guys come back from Tommy John surgery and they were, in some cases, more effective after surgery. I know of a guy that had 2 tommy johns as a minor league player, and came back and made the big leagues after he busted his ass in rehab...

    Other than the Jobe exercises for the shoulder, what are you doing for your elbow?

    I was doing 50ml Winny EOD.
    Glucosamine for the joints
    Milk Thistle for my insides (Winny is toxic)

    Good luck!
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