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    please rate my cycle and add comments and suggestions

    I am about to start a cycle and need advice on if it is a good one or not. I am looking to put on some size while staying hard. Please comment and let me know if I should add anything else.

    50mg Winny every other day
    100 test prop twice a week

    Currently I am 5ft 7 185# looking to get up to 200+ with this.
    Please let me know your suggestions.

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    Testosterone Propinate is not a twice a week thing - it is every other day (EOD) or like I prefer - everyday (ED). The propinate ester hits fast and raises blood testosterone levels for about 2 days - on the third day the take a huge nose dive. You would be experienceing puberty again if you ran propinate twice a week. Up and down...

    In addition to that - your body will shut down its natural androgen production when it notices that you are administering it IM. And 200mg per week of testosterone propinate (minus the ester weight = about 175mg) is hardly helpful. Even considering that you are stacking it with Winstrol ... which bring me to my final gripe on this cycle...

    Winstrol has NO ester. It is a 17A-alkylated steroid (versus having a 17B ester, like propinate) which is why it is orally available. In such, Winstrol is administered ED (because it has no ester to controlit release) for the same reason as above - to keep blood levels even. It's important to note also that the Winstro modification makes it put stress on the liver - so it is usually taken for much shorter time periods.

    This is a fix for you:
    Weeks 1-6: Test Propinate, 50mg ED
    Weeks 1-6: Winstrol, 50mg ED

    350mg of each per week for a total of 700mg per week. Plenty for your first cycle. Follow up with Clomid to kick your nuts back into gear. Take liver detoxifiers, multivitamins/minerals and eat well...

    Other than that - do a lot more research before you try and fill another script.

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