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    my first deca cycle

    well this is my second time here and im about a week out from starting my first cycle of deca . 400mg/wk. I'm not to sure about what I should do as far as post cycle and stuff. I need some answers on how to cycle this effectively as far as wheening off and such. I'm almost clueless. The guy I'm receiving it from says I dont need to use clomids or such but I don't know. I'm just looking to gain 10-15 lbs and thats it. I'm a virgin when it comes to this but i just want to make sure I'm doing it correct the first time. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can gain the most of my hard earned money. It would really bother me to fu.., screw up after spending so much money. What type of side effects should I expect and are my balls gonna crawl back up inside after i cycle off? Anything would help.

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    u goot aread up man look at all the threads relating to ur question sull find ur awnsers

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    I wouldnt take Deca alone, trust me. i spent $195 on my Deca and it got me all of 7 ibs bigger. Not to mention your penis is going to be very

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