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    Just finished my first cycle & ****. After a 2year layoff I got back in the gym before starting the juice.(about 2months) My first week I was benching 315x3 @ the end of the cycle 350x7 one set, squat 225x8 end of cycle 315x 8 three sets, deadlift 315x10 four sets. I'm a little dissapointed w/myself I didn't eat enough & didn't train as much as I should have & I didn't do a 10 week cycle only an 8 week. I used to bench 350x8(easy) w/no spot before so I hope the next cycle I can get 380x8!

    dbol 20mg/day wk 1-4
    deca 200mg 1/week wk 1-8
    sust250 1/week wk 1-8

    Bodyweight went from 228 to 240
    bodyfat went down my only gauge is the mirror

    Now starting my PCT & I plan on training just as hard ,but I'm thinking about taking some creatine. (hoping that it will keep my endurance up)

    My next cycle I'm thinking about gaining more power & trying to stay lean. Maybe something like:
    deca, sust, & winni

    Any input on a good cycle to pack on lean mass would be appreciated.

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    yeah right
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