Hey guys IM new to the board and wanted to give my stats:
5 8" 21year old
195 pounds about 11% body fat
1 cycle under my belt
(1-8) fina 75mgED
(1-8) winny 50mgED
Took bromo thoughout the whole thing
Then of course post cycle clomid

I gained about 15 pounds off that and got really bad sides form the fina (acne, aggression)

Iv been off cycle for about 6months and im gonna do Test,eq and dbol here is what iv got planed
Week (1-3)dbol 25mg ed
Week (1-11) test enanthate 500mg Monday, Thursday
Week (1-10) eq 400mg Monday, Thursday
Week (13) start post cycle clomid
I have 30,000i.u of hcg but don’t know when to start it
just wanted to know what everyone thought and any suggestions will be helpful thanx