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    Question April will be the month

    First off whats up to all
    I have been off the board for a while now but Im back for good. Got married was great and started to train with a forend of mine that retired from Bodybuilding.

    However I wanted to see If im putting this cycle together correct

    Sus 750(3cc) wk 1-3
    (2cc) wk4-10
    Deca (2cc) wk 1-10
    Dbol week 1-4 (6/day)

    I want to run clen after this with Winni but I have no experience with either of the 2. Im wondering when to run it and the length and also could I run prop with it after the 10 weeks.

    Also I am very concerned with the flu that I keeping reading from members about Sus.

    Any suggestions or changes please advise

    Almost forgot stats

    Height 6
    Weight 267-270
    Neck 19
    Arms 20.5
    Waist 36
    Calves 18.5
    Thighs never measured

    I will post pics if needed and i will constantly update this post for more suggestions


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    4 more weeks
    Im currently running a dbol brodge and everything is great.
    The pumps are like when i run my cycles, well not exactly but really full. I will allways run a bridge after a cycle, cant believe how you are able to maintain gains. Also my diet is really good now, slacked a bit when i ran my last.

    Next cycle and from now on very strict and I will maintain the balnce from now on.
    I will update this thread and document progress.

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    Sounds good bro, Cograts on the Marriage… and keep us updated.
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