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    Talking Here's Me

    Well here's my new pic before my cycle

    OK guys i want you to tell me the truth. here's my stats

    5'7lb - 144lb, AGE-19(20 on march 30th)

    Only 1 cycle of Norandren 200 by itself. Took it a while ago.

    New Upcomming Cycles:
    in 2-3 weeks. Sustenon, dbol , clomid, nolvadex .

    How do i look guys? Be honest.

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    Looking good bro ..But i would say you might be a little young to be on AS...No Flame just my opinion....

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    Looking great. Nice cuts

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    ? deca did that?

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    Looks like you got the start of something awesome!


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    look good but i have to agree that you are to young for AS. you dont stop growing untill you are about 24. just a though. no flame. just be safe.

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    First off good job. Your looking like you are developing quite a frame and if you stay at it in no time you will develpoe the physique that you want. It just takes time.

    Eat clean, train hard and leave the AS for when you get alot older and you really need it. I know that this is not what you want to hear at this point and no I am not one of the few who will scream your to young while I myself am on gear. I have lifted for the last 15 years, (I am currently 37) and like you was very eager to jump on the steriod wagon so to speak. Thanks to some older Bro's at my gym who keep me clean at such a young age, I have developed a really sturdy base if I do say so myself. And yes, I'll put my cut's next to anybody weather they are on AS or not. Look bro, it's all about the life style. Do your self a favor and keep it clean for now. I know I'm sure glad that I did.
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    IMO, if you pound heavy weight and pound down the food, in about a year and a half, you will be somewhere around 165 lbs.

    How do I know?

    A guy I work with has a build almost exactly like yours. I started training him March of last year. He was 136 lbs, now he is 167. I pushed his ass, didnt take any of his candy ass excuses and MADE him eat. I got on his ass every time he ate junk food and told him he would be starting over the next day because he got almost no nutritional value from that crap. I took no excuses for him using pissant weight in the gym. I MADE him use heavier and heavier weights. I busted on him because my wife was leg pressing more than him.

    The results? He's VERY happy now because he's gained a lot of muscle. Yeah, there is some fat there, but also a LOT of quality mass. Proper nutrition and supplementation (TAKE YOUR PROTEIN!!!!), proper amount of calories, a good multivitamin, maybe some Cell Tech or something, and you'll grow. THEN when your test levels come down a pinch, maybe think about some juice. But weigh the risks first. A 5th place 2001 Masters Olympia winner I know personally who is only 43 years old, just had congenital heart failure.

    Get it?

    Just a thought.

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    i agree w/ the others , i just made 20 and because of great advice from others and some thinking ive decided to wait too. not bragging or flaming but.... im a good bit bigger than you and i still decided to wait. ill tell you one thing though if you dont wanna wait till you put some size on you still have a excellent base to build on imo... good luck

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