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    look at these cannons

    im huge - big c in the flesh

    these are real guns!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Big Cs guns - a work in progress-big-c.gif  
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    Big C - a little respect for the mods is always a good thing - The next thread could have a slightly different title (as well as picture) in it. (ignore my recommendation at your peril)

    Now, nice start on those guns and looks like the BF is under control - lets see the wheels

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    uhm a proper pic from the side would help a lot, u got nice elbows though

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    yo dude, get a better pic so we can see the "gunz"

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    Cool The buck stops . . .

    . . . here.

    Gentlemen, this thread has turned into a flame fest. And I just spent the past five minutes cleaning house. Kindly don't make me think that I wasted my time.

    (Usual inclusive disclaimer: This one is addressed to the guys, because the women are too smart to get involved in this kind of crap.)

    Big C, welcome to the board. Remember, bro, when you call yourself huge around here, you'll find very fast that you'll run into people who are more huge than you. So we'll chalk you up as an enthusiastic newbie, and I hope you'll become a valuable member of our merry band of marauders.

    Everyone else, both newbies and those who have been around for a while - This thread got out of hand, even after CYCLEON fired of his very gracious and humorous warning shot. (And believe me, you'll never know how gracious he was, because as a SuperMod, he is the man with power around here and he can adjust things far more "creatively" than I can.) So c'mon guys, take a minute to cool down and chill out.

    There has been a recent influx here of members from other boards. They have found A.R. for one reason or another; some chanced upon this board, and others specifically came to A.R. because they were looking for an alternative to the flame fests that you find elsewhere.

    Don't ask me to name the boards, guys. Remember, at Anabolic Review, we do not flame. If the others want to do it, that's on them.

    And that's why so many new people have been coming here - for a quality community of bodybuilders, lifters, juicers, non-juicers, and people who are just curious. We are a very diverse community on a number of grounds, and part of the reason for that is that we have a mutual respect for each other.

    Now, y'all got a pic of Big C starting this thread. Got a comment for him? Cool - make it funny, make it sad, make it constructive, or make it neutral. Make a comment, ask a question, welcome him here, or do nothing. But if you've got a match in your hand and you're thinking of striking it in this thread, head elsewhere. Because we stand for mutual respect and support. And no flames.

    End of class. Since you've all listened so well, no homework today.

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    bro your lucky i have huge respect for TNT and he got this post up before i got to they said before calling your self huge next time be considerate cause id make u look like a school girl,and trust me alot of other bros in here too.

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    thats why everyone loves TNT...nice thought out threads that bring people together, I swear---if TNT started a post that said the sky will be NEON GREEN tomorrow---I would beleive him. I dont see how he can post such long thought out threads...he must have taken typing classes, b/c pick'n and peck'n aint gettin it done. Thanks homie. ohhh, almost forgot about the guy who started this thread...sup big C, welcome--hope to hear more of ya!

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    Arms look about a pic so we can see all you have built!


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