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    awesome board

    although i am natural, and pride that i have never used gear, i think that this message board is one of the best around. everyone is very knowledgeable, does not make fun of or put down anyone, and are generally pleasant people. I am getting ready for the NGA natural florida in 9 weeks and am going to try to gets soem pics posted, as i would welcome any comments and constructive criticism that you all may have. I find that the information here is applicable to those using gear as well as those who dont, especially the supplement and diet posts. Almost all of you realize that maybe 1 or 2 of you will ever make any money off this sport and are just doing shows to have fun. That is what its all about. good luck to all who compete!!!!

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    Welcome to the board. Post some pics when you get a chance so we can see what the future NGA Natural Florida champ will look like beforehand......

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    Naturalmass, welcome to the board brother. I also am natural (and look like it ). Good luck with the show and lets see those pix.

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