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    pics, just looking for some good criticism/advice

    here are some pics of me. looking for any positive criticism. I am 5'8" 185 I am down from 257lbs about 1.5 yrs ago. I got down to 200 and then went back up to 230 lbs and in about march I started to lose and now I am 185 give or take a couple of pounds. I tried to diet like it says in hte cutting thread but I ended up either gaining weight or staying the same. so I basically cut my calories and ate less and not after 7 pm. well anyways here are some pics. My goal is to lose whatever fat I have and maintain as much muscle as possible, not so worried about losing muscle just want to get rid of all the fat and tighten up my chest,love handles and tummy.any advice would be great.

    monday---- chest/bi's/30 min cardio
    tues---- mma training striking for 2 hrs

    wed-------shoulders/tri's/30 min cardio

    thurs-------mma traing grappling and submissions 2 hrs



    sun ---- legs/back mma open mat training sparring, grappling 2hrs
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    First off.. congrats on losing that much weight. Nice job. I don't know how much your skin will "snap back" after losing a lot of weight like that. I think building some muscle wld help not only in continuing your weight loss but it wld fill you in and make any skin that might be a little loose look better.
    I would never train back and legs on the same day. They are the two biggest muscle groups ans shld in my opinion be trained on separate days. Your arms look the best out of all your muscle groups. I wld focus on bringing your chest and shoulders up to speed. I train back and bi's, chest and tri's, shoulders traps and abs, and legs on their own day.. I train my rear delts twice right now trying to get them up to my other delt heads.. so I train them with back and with shoulders..
    Good work though.. losing that much weight takes a a lot of work..

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    I would have to agree with vega, I can see where you have lost the weight by the way your skin looks, do you have a b4 pic? But its still awesome that you were dedicated enough to lose the weight and be where you are today. Just stick with it eat clean and keep training hard. Congrats on your progress man, lookin great.

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