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    Pics of Myself Every couple weeks for 9 Months

    I've been lurking on here for a few years now. Finally built up the courage to quit my life of fatness and sloppyness and got my shit together. This has been a project for quite some time now, and although I have plateaued recently, I'm proud enough of my results to post the pics here.

    I started at right around 225, but my worst weight was actually in the 240's in mid 2006. I don't have pictures of that weight, because I had no intention of changing at that point, but I have my doctor's file that shows that I weighed in at 243 in June of 2006. I'm not even sure if that was my top weight. It could have been much worse, but I didn't even OWN a scale at that time!

    Well, as you'll see, I was fat, soft, and sloppy. No definition anywhere, and very high BF. I was weak, and every day was tiring for me. Just walking around during life made me sweaty and tired.

    I'm not really sure what kicked this into gear, but my clothes weren't fitting right anymore, and I couldn't afford to buy all new clothes, so I felt like I had to change my body just to be able to wear nice clothes to work everyday. My neck and my face just felt fat and bloated and life was painful. I can't even imagine how bad things are for people who are worse off than I was. At 5'11" 225, I felt like absolute filth, and that's not all THAT bad of a weight in America today!

    Anyway, here's the pics. I'll be happy to answer questions if you're interested in how this all went down. Notice I'm wearing the same boxers (now faded) in the beginning as in the end. The progression goes left to right, top to bottom, in roughly week to 2-week intervals.

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    definitely improved, keep it up

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    Oh, by the way, this was all done natural. Thanks to those here that give the correct advice on AS. Like everyone, I considered it right at first, you know,

    "Well, I'm dedicated this time and I promise myself I'll eat right and lift hard, so I might as well get ALL the gains I can get out of this fitness crusade. Bring on the juice!"

    Well, after reading enough on here and learning from people who have already walked the walk, it was pretty easy to see that AS would have been an unnecessary waste of time, resources, and and unneeded risk for a small, sloppy bitch like me. Even still, I think I stand to gain a lot of size and strength before I need anything besides good old Food-a-drol and diet-stendione to make gains.

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    Looking good. Keep taking pics along the way! It really helps to see progress over a period of time because we all forget.

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    great job bro, and diff keep the pics coming

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