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    Question Back Help

    I was wondering if any of you guys had a special recipe for building muscle in the center of the back, im lacking thickness in the upper center of my back, my back workout includes a-lot of rowing motions, But no gains******thanks for any advice

    (in this pic my back is relaxed only flexing tri's)
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    i like to do t-bar rows in every back work out, and in every row i like to pause and squeeze for 2 count then slowly release back to start keeping tension and not hyperexpending the elbows

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    if you are doing rowing my guess is too much weight and improper form, form is so important, with too much weight usage for one your bicepts take most of the pull at first, and you cant get a proper sqeeze at peak contaction, and peak contraction is where the stimulation of growth is mainly made... i say practice better form, lesser weight, more sqeeze, thats how i made my back

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    when you are rowing make very sure you are holding at peak contraction....if you can't hold and sqeeze and feel the back at peak contraction you're using too heavy can't see the back therefore you need especially good mind muscle connection....also flex a lot

    you can take most of the work off your back by using your elbow flexor...DONT!

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