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    ready to cycle!!!

    How is it going fellaz??
    I've been working out since I was 17 and I'm ready to cycle in 2 weeks.
    I have test prop and tren on hand for a 10 week cycle, I also have nolva and clomid on hand for pct, I'm still deciding on wether or not I should take hcg , do you guys think nolva and clomid is good enough for my cycle? I'm still trying to decide wether to do small dosages ED or do higher dosages twice a week, what do you guys think is my best route? I also have clen and t3 to further help me get ripped, any suggestions on how to cycle?
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    how old are you? 19? you look NOWHERE near ready to cycle, especially with tren !

    no way in hell are you ready to cycle, ur gonna royally screw up your body if you do.

    my advice would be to stay natural, push food and training and start doing your research

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    *no sources i wont reply*
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    big big mistake, you havent a base and if you're only 19 you will fvck yourself up

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    Your profile says you're 27, u say you've been training since 17 ,that's 10 years. Not trying to flame, but your pics tell a different story. Bro, you can't even take a decent pic. What are your REAL stats?? Either way, I'm with the other guys, stay away from the needle and get your diet/training in check.

    EDIT: just found your other thread regarding your stats, but I still stand by my opinion and think you should adjust your routine and lower the BF.
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    not to offend you. could be just the pics. but you look like your carrying way to much fat. and thus not seeing ant muscle shape at all. personally doesnt look like you workout

    correct me wrong and post better pics. eg. better light and shirt off to get more in depth help

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