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    Rodax Cutting log

    So I've decided to keep a log on here and each week take pics to keep track of my progress with this. Body fat estimate would be nice because I don't have one on my scale.

    Planned diet/ diet so far is below, it's pretty much the same one I had during the Transformation challenge. Kept lifting but I took a diet break. Prolly plan on lifting still but putting more Cardio / HIIT Cardio everyday.

    Height: 6'3"
    Weight 235lbs

    (Weight in 1st photos: ~220lbs for reference)


    6 egg whites
    2 greenish bananas

    Meal 2
    5oz boneless skinless Chicken Breast
    1/2 cup of rice

    Meal 3
    5oz boneless skinless Chicken Breast
    2 slices of whole wheat bread

    Meal 4
    Dymatize Elite fusion 7 (2 scoops)
    1/2 cup rolled oats

    Total Cals 1882
    Protein 173.4~200 (may add a 3rd scoop or have a shake
    Fat 36.1
    Carbs 189.5

    Might end up adding in like a cup of broccoli and another chicken breast.

    First 2 are the decent ones I could find from the end of the contest
    2nd 2 are from a week ago.
    3rd set are from this morning.

    I'm willing to adjust etc I'm just looking for advice and a Bf% estimate and thoughts?


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rodax Cutting log-front-relaxed-3-7-11.jpg   Rodax Cutting log-side-relaxed-3-7-11.jpg   Rodax Cutting log-imag0094.jpg   Rodax Cutting log-imag0092.jpg   Rodax Cutting log-imag0095.jpg  

    Rodax Cutting log-imag0096.jpg  
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    congrats on challenging yourself in this way man. Dieting can be hard dude it can get mental just remember is a marathon not a sprint. Dont sell yourself short.

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    Thanks dude I'm really just gonna try to get to 10-15% right now and then decide what to do from there I just dunno where I'm at. But I feel like I'm nowhere near 15% but that might be me. Eventually maybe one day I'll look like Baseline or at least his current avi. Until then, it's just an uphill climb.
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    Its a little harder to tell from a pic imo when bf% is a bit high. Im guessing about 20% maybe? I would add some more meals (8), and get rid of some of those carbs after breakfast to cut nice and fast. What has always worked wonders for me is 8 meals of a lean protein (fish, chicken, ground turkey) and a side of green veggies (spinach, broccoli, etc). I do this 6 days on, 1 day off and drop BF like magic.

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