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    So many questions, not sure which track to take....

    Hi all,

    It's been a long freaken time since I've been on here, we're talking years here. Finally I'm just getting back into shape and am at a loss for which way to go. So first here are my stats.
    24 yrs old
    Right round 300lbs
    BF% - no clue
    Trained for years before, for the last six months I have done just about nothing
    Have not seen the inside of a real weight room in just as long

    Well with all that just put out there I guess I should start. The first thing I did was started researching and checking things out. I'm the heaviest I have been in a long time. I weigh about the same as I did in college when playing ball, but have a lot less lean muscle. I would love to burn fat and gain muscle, but that seems kind of difficult. If I am wrong let me know. So I was thinking of a body recomp, which my understanding would be losing a ton of the body fat. My ultimate goal right now is to lose weight cuz obviously it's extremely unhealthy. So I figured get in the weight room and do high reps/low weight along with early morning cardio.

    The more important thing, which I learned awhile back from this website is to tweak my diet. I'm still working on that and maybe if I have time I will post it tonight or tomorrow, but I'm looking at a higher protein lower carb diet. That way I burn more fat instead of carbs. Now since I really haven't done much of anything lately I am sure I will see results no matter what I do. I was thinking lots of chicken/white fish and veggies. But like I said I will post that in diet section probably tomorrow seeing as how late it is.

    My goals are as follows. 1. Be healthier. 2. Lose body fat. 3. Gain lean muscle. 4. Look good in my speedo banana hammock.

    I've made tons of excuses lately ranging from I have to work too much to I am too tired. But I've got that shit taken care of. So now that my head is outta my ass, I am ready to rock. I'm gonna see if I can post my pics from my iPad below. Bf% estimates would be greatly appreciated.

    Any and all advice is welcome. I got thick skin, so give it to me straight, none of this 90's man "put a positive spin on things" so as not to hurt my feelings. Be blunt and honest cuz I'm sick of being a slob.


    Ok can't load pics from the iPad, or at least can't figure it out. Well I'm guessing I'm about 30% or better bf. I will figure this shit out later.

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    Anytime you exercise, you do so in order to try and
    maintain good health. You also know that you have to
    eat as well, so your body will have the energy it
    needs to exercise and maintain for the everyday tasks
    of life. For making the best of your exercise, what
    you eat before and after you workout is very important.

    No matter if you are going to be doing a cardio
    workout or a resistance workout, you should always
    make it a point to eat a balanced mix of protein and
    carbohydrates. What makes that determining percentage
    of carbs and protein you consume is whether or not
    you are doing cardio or resistance exercise and the
    intensity level that you plan to work at.

    The ideal time for you to eat your pre workout meal
    is an hour before you start. If you plan to work
    at a low intensity level, you should keep your pre
    workout meal down to 200 calories or so. If you
    plan to exercise at a high level of intensity, you
    will probably need your meal to be between 4,000
    and 5,000 calories.

    If you are doing a cardio session will
    need to consume a mix of 2/3 carbs and 1/3 protein.
    Doing so will give you longer sustained energy from
    the extra carbs with enough protein to keep your
    muscle from breaking down while you exercise.

    For resistance exercise, you'll need to eat a mix
    of 1/3 carbs and 2/3 protein, as this will help
    you get plenty of energy from the carbs to perform
    each set you do and the extra protein will help
    keep muscle breakdown to a minimum while you

    Eating after you exercise is just as important as
    your pre workout meal. Anytime you exercise,
    whether its cardio or resistance, you deplete energy
    in the form of glycogen. The brain and central
    nervous system rely on glycogen as their main
    source of fuel, so if you don't replace it after
    you exercise, your body will begin to break down
    muscle tissue into amino acids, and then convert
    them into usable fuel for the brain and the
    central nervous system.

    Keep in mind that mostly during resistance
    exercise, you'll break down muscle tissue by
    creating micro tears. What this means, is that
    after a workout, your muscles will instantly go
    into repair mode. Protein is the key here for
    muscle repair, as you don't want muscle breaking
    down even further to create fuel instead of
    lost glycogen.

    Once you have finished a cardio session, you'll
    need to consume mainly carbohydrates, preferably
    those with high fiber. Rice, oatmeal, whole wheat
    pasta, and northern fruits are excellent sources.
    Also, try to consume 30 - 50 grams of there
    types of carbs after you exercise. After your
    cardio workout, it is fine to eat within 5 - 10

    Once you've finished a resistance workout, you
    will need to consume a combination of carbs and
    protein. Unlike cardio workouts, resistance
    workouts will break down muscle tissue by creating
    micro tears.

    You'll need protein as this happens to build up
    and repair these tears so that the muscle can
    increase in size and strength. The carbs will
    not only replace the lost muscle glycogen, but
    will also help the protein get into muscle cells
    so it can synthesize into structural protein, or
    the muscle itself.

    After your resistance exercise, you should wait
    up to 30 minutes before you eat, so that you won't
    take blood away from your muscles too fast. The
    blood in your muscles will help the repair process
    by removing the metabolic waste products.

    For more tips just copy and paste the link below into your web browser:

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    I'm not so sure eating a 4k-5k calorie meal, preworkout, is such a good idea. First you have to figure out your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). The formula can be found in the stickies in the nutrition forum. All it is, is the amount of calories you burn on a normal day once factoring in your daily activity. I.E. work, exercise, etc. Then map out a diet plan that puts you 300-500 cals under your TDEE. For starts try out a 60/20/20 split. This means make sure 60% of your calories come from protein, 20 from carbs, and 20 from fats. After a week of eating 500 calories under your maintenance, you should've have lost a lb of body fat. 3500 calories = 1lb. You don't want to lose more than a pound a week bc if that's the case you'll be burning muscle mass too. All cardio should be done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You can also have a BCAA drink before cardio to prevent muscular atrophy. Head over to the nutrition section and put together a diet. Once you get down below 14% bf you can start carb cycling and using other methods to burn that last bit of stubborn fat, but for now just stick to the basics. Slow and steady wins this race brother. It's a long process but you'll appreciate all the hard work a year from now. I started my cut at about 25% bf and I'm down to about 20 now with still a long way to go. Keep your eyes on the prize. Good luck
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