This member had only 3 posts before being banned but I want to let everybody know that the user name "BigKarlNordin" is the actual name of sombody I know personally. The actual Karl Nordin is a legitamte business owner (a succesful suppliment and tanning outlet) in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is an ambassador of local BB shows, helps out many local competitors just for the love of the sport, is supportive and encourages anybody who takes the time to ask him questions and he is an acredited CBBF judge. When he learned that sombody had used his name he was very disturbed and upset, especially since the person using his name was flaming others...something he is very much against. He asked that I address this issue on the open board if for no other reason than to put things straight. I realize that this other "KarlNordin" lists his location as Kansas City but IMO it is just way too coincidental to be a random occurance.