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    Various Sal Paradise pics-including 1st comp.

    I posted these two links to where my contest pics are.
    I hope you can see them, if not let me know I will post the pics here.
    I just don't have them on this computer.
    Also the links to where I posted pics a while back in this forum.
    Competition pics.

    Previous posts here.

    Let me know what you think,


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    Its too bad you got all the fat, you really need to work on lats and chest, as theyre not as big as they should be compared to the rest IMHO.
    Also, you have good arms and legs arent lagging. You got good size.
    Props to you

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    You got that right!
    My chest and back are lagging horribly.
    I looked at my pics from this competition and there is absolutely no lower lats or lats in general, width in general sucks and chest needs to be fuller.

    Thanks for the honesty, you hit the nail on the head.


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