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    Exclamation Help My PLZ! Im Trying To Start...

    Hi Everyone. Im just now getting out of highschool this week and Im thinking starting my 1st cycle over this summer. Im trying to play college football I played runningback and D Corner for my school. I dont know what to do for sure me and a few of my friends have been trying to gather as much info as possiable before we do anything so we dont mess up.

    Age- 18, 19 in August
    Height- 5'11 - 6'0
    Weight- roughly 185
    BF- ? n/a

    If yall would plz tell me some starter stuff or what yall think I should use I would greatly appceriate it! One of my hookups was gona sell me Eccapoya?? (i know im wrong with the spelling of that) with some testerone pills for 175$ What do yall think about that? He said it was a 10 week cycle.

    My pics are from Last summer and Im about the same from Track and Football and stuff.

    Thanks for your support and help
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