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    hey guys, I am trying to post a pic, and every time I try to post it, it tells me that the file is too large, I have shrunk it as much as I can I believe, what can I do?

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    optimize it for the web.

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    go to and find a picture editor. Then open the picture in the program and resize it to a smaller proportion until your picture is small enough(100K?).

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    Hey man I had the same problem the problem is more than likely that the picture you are trying to submit is a need to convert in to JPG or GIF format.....go to and download that can convert can make your picture pretty big (size wise) in JPG or GIF and it will still work. The problem right now is that BMPs are very huge in DPIs

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    make sure to save your file as a jpg or gif, bmp (bitmaps) are way too big, to do this right click on your file and go to properties and then go to choose program, choose microsoft paint >> go to a menu and it will say stretch/skew, keep reducing your percentages until you are able to post the pic

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