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    hello there!!!!!

    Hello Everyone... i am from Greece looking forward to get knowledge and want opinions in my lets say 2nd cycle with steroids ...
    well my background is... i am 34 at the moment and i am doing martial arts since i was 16 then at my 26 i started weight lifting... i am 1.86 height and 88kg of weight with 12-14% bf...

    my 1st cycle was 4 years ago with test prop + winstrol + anavar which gave me good results and fine lean mass, what i was expecting of course was to look ripped but ok.
    my 2015 target is to be 85-87kg with 8-9% bf and i indend to get a 3 month cycle with

    1-8 weeks test eth
    4-12 test prop
    1-12 masteron
    4-8 anavar

    would really like to hear your opinion and if someone has to advice or something else in mind i am all eyes...!!!
    my biggest problem i think is water retention and not bf.

    thank you all and nice to find you!!!!

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    sorry for my mistake i accidentically wrote the post in the wrong section!!!

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