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    18 y old transformation

    Hello everyone. i just turned 18.
    - this is how i looked at 11 years (skinny)
    and at 14 (pretty chubby)

    started lifting in 2015, 21 july ( it wasn t too serios tbh)
    i did a few months,until december.
    started again in august 2016 until december.
    2017 20 jan - and i m going everyday.
    i'm very motivated right now.
    i bulked a bit and now i'd like to cut for summer;

    188 cm , 86 kg.

    personal records : bench press 100kg 4 reps
    dumbells incline press - 40 kg each - 6 reps
    deadlifts - 120kg 4 reps
    squats 100kg - 6 reps ( i don t wanna force myself because im afraid of injuries at legs , dunno why)

    my shoulders are gettin' full of veins when im working them,even if i have some fat
    i don t know how to pose.. i have a flat belly , not so much fat.
    1 and 1/2 month of cutting and my abs will get better.
    i will post some biceps pictures tomorrow, when i'll work it.
    i used : impact whey protein
    creatine (last time was 1 month ago,i ll start again in a few days)
    before chest / arms workout - hot blood or N1
    alpha men vitamins
    omega 3
    daily vitamins
    i want to buy some CLA because i'll start cutting
    and BCAA , or at least leucine.

    cla / bcaa would do a good job for me?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 18 y old transformation-untitled-5.jpg   18 y old transformation-ss.jpg   18 y old transformation-18470909_226692937816297_1154930931_n.jpg   18 y old transformation-18471205_226692097816381_1230213096_n.jpg   18 y old transformation-18447840_226670477818543_327047680_n.jpg  

    18 y old transformation-18425806_226670484485209_1921491185_n.jpg   18 y old transformation-17619420_205340713284853_1264608732_n.jpg   18 y old transformation-sdc12989.jpg  

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    Good results. I wish you success!

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    i used to be the same! skinny kid up until 16 years old. the gains give you shit loads of confidence . Hope your still lifting heavy brother

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