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Thread: Terrible genetics? Poor programming? Or can it all be chalked up to poor nutrition?

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    Terrible genetics? Poor programming? Or can it all be chalked up to poor nutrition?

    Seeking advice,

    I’m going to post two pics, one from a year and a half ago right after I had hernia repair surgery and hadn’t lifted in a few years, and the other from a few days ago.

    I’ve been lifting 5x/week for the past year and a half. My 1rm’s are: Bench - 265, dead - 405, squat - 320.

    I’m 5’8 and weigh around 196 (I was 192 in first pic).

    I haven’t done the best job with nutrition, but I still feel like I should see a little more progress than I have.

    Do I just have bad genetics? Or a bad program? Or is it both combined with poor nutrition?

    Just wondering if it IS genetics, if maybe SARMS or something would help?

    Thanks in advance for your responsesTerrible genetics? Poor programming? Or can it all be chalked up to poor nutrition?-bcfee8c5-28e5-4651-9c6b-fd966307411b.jpeg

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    Genetics play a big part, and in my opinion you don't look to have the genetics to be big. However, diet is critical, and I'm sure you haven't reached your natural ability. Get the diet dialed in, and you should start growing. Good luck!

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    if you cant find a way to pull all the pieces together minus the genetic thing and see results now, then taking steroids will just be a waste of time as you eventually have to put the work in my friend aas are not magic...they will help you get past your genetic limit but it will be very temporary since this is not really your lifestyle and you will eventually slip back into your old habits and will loose all gains made imho...

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    Some are blessed with the winning ticket at the genetical lottery more than others, that's for sure

    I would have gotten nowhere without AAs(and a lot, over a long period of time).

    Never being able to bench even my own weight, or gain any form of muscle base - can you imagine that - a sex drive of a 65 year old at 25. . . Real cool

    My total test count was in the low 300's, according to my MD I was fine. . . It took 3+ years before I picked up the first spike. Shit, I hate shots - but, I'll never turn back(as long as health permits).
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    Look man most of us have shitty genetics in terms of putting on a ton of muscle and staying lean in the process. In fact, I'd say it's very rare for someone to have the genetics to be able to carry a large amount of muscle while maintaining low body fat.

    Often times when people are talking about "genetics" they're not saying "I wonder if I have the right genes to be jacked and ripped." What they're saying is more like "I wonder what I will look like once I do what's necessary to GET jacked and ripped."

    I'm not going to discount diet, because that is a huge factor no doubt about it. And by the extra body fat you're carrying it looks like your diet could use some work, along with some regular cardio mixed in throughout the week.
    Lifting intensely, eating properly, and resting enough are key factors to attaining the physique you want, but I'm here to tell you those things will only get you so far. You could prob still put on a few pounds of muscle in the next year or so and get your bf down enough to see you abs (about 12-14%) and you can do that naturally.

    Now, for the truth bomb... Ready for it..? My man Samson touched on it.. To achieve the physique you're really after you're going to have to take drugs...and lots of them lol. That's a fact... But doesn't mean you have to jump on a bunch of gear. Now that you know the truth you have to weigh the risk/benefit ratio and decide if the REASON you wanna look like that will be worth the consequences.. There is no biological free lunch! Everything we do to our bodies has repercussions... Even lifting in and of itself has negative health effects .. (releases a large amount of C-reactive proteins that can damage the CV system over time and cause hardening of the arteries).. That's a fact, so being armed with that info there are things I can do to mitigate that side effect.. I can eat a diet rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants and minerals to help my body mitigate the stress of lifting..

    So you wanna be jacked and ripped... why?

    If the answer to that question is worth the toll you're eventually going to pay, then I suggest you do a shit ton of research and learn everything there is to know about PEDs, then find a good source, and then start planning real cycles and following through with them properly while continuing to do everything else right (eating, training hard, resting enough).. They're NOT a magic bullet, but they WILL help you achieve your goals at a much faster rate and go beyond what your genes are programmed to allow your body to do.

    Then you'll get the REAL answer of what kind of genetics you have as your body will finally be primed to grow some real muscle and you'll get to see how you develop and how you respond to the drugs.. Keep in mind, like I said, they're not a magic bullet.. I've seen guys run gear and STILL not grow lol which doesn't even seem possible lol but I've seen it. Once you're doing everything right and you just won't fuckin grow, that's when IMO you educate yourself and jump on and CONTINUE doing everything right except this time you'll get the results you're working your ass off for.

    Good luck man and let us know what you decide to do and WHY.
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    I think somebody should respond to the real question asked in here :
    "Do I just have bad genetics? Or a bad program? Or is it both combined with poor nutrition? "
    Tell us your detailed training program and diet plan. You say "I haven’t done the best job with nutrition".
    I want you to come here and say "look I have done my best job with nutrition, now what ?"

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    In my opinion exercise and nutrition is what builds the beast..I would say your diet is poor and you need more cardio...once you start eating clean and no junk foods you will see the results you want...once you drop the junk food.increase the cardio you gonna start seeing the cuts you want..what ever it maybe you have to willing to sacrifice...when you on cycle you sacrifice for your gains and you struggle to keep them when u off..what you eat determines you gonna be....good luck

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