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    BF% Check after losing nearly 60 pounds.

    Hello brothers. Today is exactly 6 months since I've decided to change my lifestyle and lose weight. Haven't used any AAS beside 4 UI of HGH every morning for a few months.

    Been eating super clean at 2200-2600 cal a dar with a lot of weight lifting and cardio.

    28 years old

    October 2017.
    278 lbs.
    35% or 40% by my own estimation.
    BF% Check after losing nearly 60 pounds.-1.jpg

    April 2018. 222 Lbs
    222 lbs
    ??? 20%? 25%?
    BF% Check after losing nearly 60 pounds.-2.jpg

    Looking for a reliable BF% check. I seem to hold most my fat around the abdominal area as my shoulders and arms are fairly lean. No vascularity whatsoever. I can see my upper abs when flexing.

    Both pics were taken relaxed.
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