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Thread: Cycle 2 bulking love input

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    Cycle 2 bulking love input

    Hi yall, this is my second cycle
    Diet is Keto
    35 yrs old
    Body fat (I think 20 to 25% but check out my pictures and let me know)
    8 weeks
    Deca 300mg a week
    Test 500mg a week
    Tren enthanate 400mg a week
    Dbol 50mg Ed
    Anadrol 25mg ed

    I have tomixofen 20mg but so far it has been needed in the previous cycle
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cycle 2 bulking love input-20180425_121327.jpg   Cycle 2 bulking love input-20180425_121231.jpg   Cycle 2 bulking love input-20180425_121146.jpg   Cycle 2 bulking love input-20180425_121137.jpg  

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    Get a glass for toothbrush man. Too fat for dbol , too many compounds for second cycle, pct? 8 weeks short for some compounds.
    Looks like you wasted first cycle perhaps holding off until you drop bf and get training down pat.
    Or ignore this and go for gold, but still get a glass for that toothbrush
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    What was your first cycle, and when? Did you get the results you wanted?
    I'm with stalker on the bodyfat situation and too many compounds.
    Have you read the first cycle sticky? Good info on why lower bodyfat is a great idea and why test only might be your best choice, even for a second cycle.

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    Have you started this cycle? Far too many compounds

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    Gotta agree with the rest here, the cycle seems complicated for a second cycle. Do you have all the ancillaries for this cycle? You’ll need to control E2 and prolactin. Are you taking hcg too?

    And what’s with the bruise on the chest? Your girl trying to eat you?

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