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Thread: New 51 yr old

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    New 51 yr old

    All natty til now. Low t. Starting test cyp 200 ml every 2 wks . Will that help build or just regain normal energy level ? Would once a week pin be necessary ?
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    First, welcome to the forum.
    Second, find another doctor as yours does not understand hormones.

    Your doctors protocol is based on the terminal life of testosterone . It should be based on it's half life which is 5-7 days or so. So what will happen is that you will be put on a hormonal roller coaster. You'll get a large spike in testosterone (and estrogen) initially after the shot and then it will be a slow drop down to virtually nothing until you receive your next injection. The below graph will show you what happens after an injection:

    At a minimum injections should be weekly. By current norms even that is becoming out dated as most in the know will inject smaller amounts twice per week or similar to keep steadier, healthier levels with less need for ancillary drugs and RBC issues.

    If you self inject I'd strongly recommend 50 mgs x 2 per week. You can even inject SQ if you like as it works all the same. Bare minimum go with 100 mgs weekly.
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