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    grillin chicken

    Wont stay signed on

    Having to keep signing on even after clicking the remember option, getting annoying

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    Mine has been doing that for a long time now. I notice it occurs when I change networks on my computer. So if i connect to the internet at some place, then go home and try to get on on another internet connection, I am logged out

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    They ( steroid .com ) made the change a couple of months back. The story was it was for our own good so if we forgot to log off at work then anyone who tried to log on (the next day or after logout) at your computer would have to know user and password....

    I totally hate it and find it a pain in the ass, if I forgot to log off at work my worry would be someone walking up to my computer in the next 15 minutes to an hour, in which case they would still be logged on and not only have access to the site but see where I had been and what I had posted.

    This is something I would love to have admin rethink, maybe they could have a button or control panel choice to allow you to opt out. If not maybe just put it to a vote and see if anyone likes this feature?


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    for some reason, Session hash is not being picked up from the top logo. If you are clicking on the very top logo to go to front page, in some browsers, it will clear your login.

    If that is your case, try clicking on FORUM tab or the word "Forum" next to the little house image at the top left. This should retain your login.

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